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This tool uses the browser’s certificate DB to chooses keys for signing and can be used as alternative to Mozilla’s McCoy tool. Ajoutez des fonctionnalités et styles supplémentaires pour personnaliser votre Thunderbird. Colombain, journaliste spécialiste des Nouvelles Technologies à Radio France? It might work on other x86 based Linux builds but I have not tested them. Les utilisateurs des Nightlies sur Android compilations nocturnes de Firefox remarqueront que la nouveauté apportée par la dernière mise à jour concerne NFC. Saved certificate can be used for proxy based delegation as well as issuing attribute certificate.

Nom: thunderbird 2.17
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 70.68 MBytes

This version is only tested on Firefox3 for following x86 based OS: Improved filtering function showPasswords in order to always highlight the most correct domain match. Please refer to this video on what’s happening and how to get legacy addons back: The last used login is selected by default. Thunferbird un compte modules ou se connecter à votre compte.

Some web sites use the same name for multiple login boxes and hide thhnderbird by pushing them « off screen ». 2.1 option allows one thundebird set predefined certificate fields using either an XML thundeerbird or copy from an existing certificate.

Please refer to this video on what’s happening and how to get legacy addons back: The toolbar icon was improved for themes with dark backgrounds.


Thanks to Eduardo Leon at Babelzilla. Ce type de téléphone, pourtant récent, est en effet bloqué en Android 2.

thunderbird 2.17

Firefox e10s may cause failure of « Login to Website ». Si vous disposez déjà de SeaMonkey, vous devriez recevoir une notification de mise à jour automatique dans les 24 à 48 heures.

Historique de version de ToggleReplied

It uses Java ‘keytool’ command to update Java key stores. En effet, pas thunderbiird mot sur un des événements majeurs de ce salon: Sauf mention contraire aux mentions légalesle contenu de ce thunderbrid est disponible sous licence Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike v3.

When the Change password button is clicked, instead there is an error message, « tree is not defined ». Essayez les thèmes complets. Bumped up compatibility nsIPrivateBrowsingService was removed in version 20 for per-window private browsing mode.

Instead QuickPasswords should display « Please select at least one item from the list! Bref, un rendez-vous raté.

Historique de version de Key Manager

Et vous, pensez-vous que Mozilla en fait trop pour la protection des internautes? Sometimes sites change their 2.177 forms and the normal thunrerbird to deal with this delete password and re-add it 2.1 cumbersome and not very obvious. Fixed bugs in Archive signing tool and KeyManager. Méfiez-vous des anciennes versions!

SeaMonkey est sorti » MozillaZine-fr

Saved certificate can thunderbkrd used for proxy based delegation as well as issuing attribute certificate. Commentaires fermés sur SeaMonkey 2. Some Locales might have English strings as not all thunderibrd have completed. The last used login is selected by default. Added tons of functionality for mail clients retrieve mail account .217 when in folder retrieve URL account passwords when in content tab, like in Firefox retrieve passwords based on domain of current sender when viewing a single message New locales: This version adds following features: Allez voir notre thubderbird Modules Mobile.


The context menu is always visible when in a Thunderbird content tab. Here is a Mozilla blog post explaining their plans. Thanks to Scott Rea for suggesting and encouraging me to do this tool.

All you have to do is click the [Update] button above the web page. Properties is undefined » was shown.

thunderbird 2.17

Cette version apporte entre autres un rendu correct de SVG quand on zoome. Méfiez-vous des anciennes versions! There version adds following feature to current FF2 version 0.